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    Grind Time Training LLC is a fitness center in Charleston, WV that promotes health and wellness through high-intensity workouts. We help you surpass your physical limits to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.
    Our experienced team of athletic trainers guide you through personal and group training sessions to ensure you get the best results from your workout. We keep you on your toes by regularly rotating through a variety of engaging exercise techniques.
    We are a judgment-free gym that welcomes people from all walks of life to join our club. Visit our location or call (304) 709-6887 for more information on our classes and rates.
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Group fitness
Group Training

Grind Time Training LLC hosts regular group training sessions that bring patrons together and challenge them to work collaboratively. These high-intensity training lessons promote wellness and camaraderie by inspiring customers to encourage and support one another. Whether you're a regular at our gym or someone who is just getting started, we guarantee you'll have a blast in our group workout sessions.

Personal trainer
Personal Training

Customers who prefer one-on-one workouts can sign up for regular personal training sessions. In addition to personal attention, private conditioning lessons have the advantage of being flexible to your schedule. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we'll pair you with a trainer who enthusiastically pushes you to achieve your fitness goals. Stop by our athletic club or call (304) 709-6887 today to book a private workout.

Strenght training
Strength Training

We offer private and group strength training sessions to customers interested in toning and growing their muscles. Customers can opt for free weight or bodyweight training depending on their personal needs and comfort level with each technique. In any case, customers interested in gaining muscle mass should sign up for one of our healthy lifestyle consultations to learn more about how they can prime their body for muscle growth and prevent injuries.

Cardio training
Cardio Training

Cardio training helps lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation. However, too much cardio can put stress on your body and negate the benefits of this popular exercise. At our health club in Charleston, WV, we ensure you only experience the positive effects of athletic training by timing your workouts and teaching you proper form to prevent you from overexerting yourself.

Weight loss
Fat Loss

Grind Time Training LLC offers custom training regimes to patrons with specific health goals like fat loss and muscle building. If you have a particular goal in mind, we highly recommend signing up for personal training to guarantee the best results from your workouts. We encourage customers interested in incorporating dietary supplements into their regime to speak with our health consultants to determine if supplements are a healthy option for them.

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